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Full automatic Glass Cutting Machine

1915 automatic NC glass cutting machine

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Introduction: this machine is the introduction of foreign advanced technology and process, using imported screw (or rack) and the guide of high-performance components, application of CAD plotting the launch of a new concept of glass cutting machine, has a good stability, high precision, the function of multiple blade can cut at the same time, the function indexes reach the standard. Can meet the demand of all kinds of glass cutting, can replace expensive imported CNC equipment, its strong performance and stability is the first choice of glass deep processing industry. Has long been favored by the majority of glass deep processing industry.

1, X direction: motor rack and guide rail drive

2, Y direction: motor rack and guide rail drive

3, rack: KHK

4, guide: Taiwan square linear guide of silver

5, the flexible cable: Chinese brand cable

6, knife box: double guide pin spring tool box

7, cutting knife wheel and the cutter holder: adopt the company head, with German knife wheel

1, suitable processing biggest original plate size: 1900 * 1500 (mm)

2, cutting precision: linear cut 0.1 mm or less cutting 0.1 mm or less

3, the diagonal line precision: + / - 0.15 mm or less

4, can cut the glass thickness: 1.5 ~ 12 mm

5, mesa has blown qigong can

6, power supply voltage: AC 380 v or 220 v

7, countertop: combet plate

According to user requirements for straight line or abnormity graphics cutting processing. Cutting graphics can be introduced into AUTOCAD graphics.

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