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2515 automatic fast on a piece of glass

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Brand: Ruifeng

Model: the RF - 2010 type

Control mode: automatic

Function: glass

Current: ac

Purpose: fast on film

Product alias:on the quick piece

Profile: the company introduces foreign advanced technology, after years of research and development, producing all kinds of hydraulic and mechanical machine, equipment specification is complete, the performance is perfect, is the nation's largest auto glass slice machine production base.

Characteristics: full range of specifications and varieties, it is the only domestic production at the same time on the mechanical and hydraulic machine manufacturers. Form a complete set of perfect, can meet various sizes and thickness glass automatic operation. Can meet the 1 m to 10 m all kinds of glass on demand. Can meet all kinds of automatic glass cutting machine both at home and abroad to form a complete set of production and use (with Internet mark, Bavaria lonnie, li g, best to wait to import cutting machine supporting experience), can satisfy the coating line and mirrors line of fully automatic operation.

Scope of application: automatic cutting, manual cutting, mirror line, coating line, automatic laminating line and other kinds of glass.

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